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Nursery care for Toddlers Ages 2 - 3 Years

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When your child moves to the toddler group from babies, we introduce more creative learning and encourage more responsibility. Your child's new Keyworker will be covering things like potty training, learning to self serve at the dinner table, and independence. Uniform is compulsory in Toddlers, which helps your child to feel like one of the group.

We'll work towards all 7 areas of learning: Personal, Social & Emotional Development, Communications & Language, Physical development, Literacy, Maths, Understanding the World, and Expressive art & design. This will prepare them for pre-school and ensure that they excel in these areas and receive assistance in any areas they are weak in.

During their time in these rooms the children will be learning important social skills and developing language skills with the help of their key worker in small groups of 4 children. 


The Toddlers Room

The toddler room is based in a seperate building overlooking the play area. The rooms provide opportunities for creative play, role-play, construction, maths and language, play and quiet play.

Sand & water trays – bucket spades, jugs – We encourage children to make own choices and interact. While it may seem like simple playing, this helps personal & social development, communication, and maths

Easel & Creative table – Painting & Chalkboard, Painting table – We might make a collage, paint a picture, or learn about colours and textures. It helps with hand eye co-ordination, and gets us thinking and being creative.

Maluable area – play dough, gloop, pasta, flour – This improves our senses of textures and touch.

Small world area – This is were we can pretend to be anything we want. Simple role playing teaches confidence, self, and interaction with others. It also gives us an opportunity to teach how to manage behaviour and feeling using dolls and figures. We teach about families & cultures, disabilities, community, and places they might see such as shops and garages.

Construction – Yes we can! Foam & wooden bricks, megabricks, duplo, connecting blocks and toy hammers and drills.  We encourage the children to build and use their imagination by building houses, castles, zoos, and much more. This develops imaginative thinking, co-ordination, communication, personal skills and encouraging friends to join in. We also throw a little counting in to improve maths.

Dining Table - We all sit around one large table, both staff and children, and it is considered to be the most important part of day bring everyone together.  Before dinner we all singsongs together and talk.  In toddlers group, children are taught to self serve, which encourages independence.  We also teach how to use cutlery, and importantly, manners such as  please and thank you for dinner, politeness, and sharing. There are a choice of two meals – meat or veg option on a 4 week rotation. 

Maths Area - The front room houses a Maths area with abacus, jigsaw, dominoes, matching games, hand eye co-ordination games, and basic counting.

Book Corner – Interactive, and hardback books, and a puppet show which can be operated by both children and staff.  Before lunch and before tea, we have a story time and sing songs with props and musical instruments – shakers, bells, tambourines, drums, xylophone, keyboard.

Writing table – We learn to hold pens and crayons, draw shapes, and trace pictures.

Role play area - Our large playhouse can be a cafe florist, bakery, shop, or a hospital. We learn about different cultures, food, and menus which help children understand the world, and their community through imaginative play.

Dressing up – Multicultural dress, fantasy clothing, animals, doctors, police. All of these costumes stimulate the imagination and help to understand the world as well as simpler things like learning to dress and undress themselves.

Our Extracurricular Teams

We also invite extracurricular teams to Little Angels Nursery, to involve the children in a range of activities.

Petite acting academy

Petite acting academy is an innovative performing and creative arts drama school for children aged 1-11. They use music and drama in a programme of action, songs, puppets, basic drama and movement skills.

The focus is on creativity and the curriculum to ensure our budding actors and actresses build confidence and self esteem in a safe and friendly environment, as well as learning.




If you have any questions regarding our Nursery care for your child, please call us on 01253 766400 or email info@Little


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